SCRUB. Organic Himalayan salt

40 minutes                                     VND 320.000

Detoxifying treatment is designed to refine the texture of the skin ideal for cellulite and stress. The Himalayan Salt. This blend of ingredients will stimulate blood and lymph system, plus improving skin tone The treatment is followed by shower and mini massage with Organic body moisturiser.

Relief Sunburn Skin

40 minutes                        VND 320.000

Aloe Vera, its high antioxidant and amino acid content rejuve – nates tired dull skin. It has been used as a remedy also it is among the best soothing agent for sunburn skin.

Body Masks

40 minutes                            VND 320.000

1 – Pumpkin, honey and fresh milk

3 – Oatmeal and honey

2 – Carrot, yogurt and honey

4 – Rice bran and fresh coconut milk

Chocolate Mask

40 minutes                             VND 350.000

High antioxidant, protection and nourising skin