Traditional Vietnamese Massage with Cupping

90 minutes                       VND 550.000

Traditional techniques of cupping combined with Aroma Therapy Oil and acupressure, stimulates, drainage of the lymphatic system and balancing the body.

Pregnancy massage

60 minutes                     VND 380.000

Using Organic Oil extracts of Geranium and Lavender are used over Marma points  to balance and give harmony to mother and baby.

Himalayan Hot Stone

90 minutes                       VND 550.000

Warm stones are placed on Chakras and the massage over the body promoting a deep state of relaxation, dissolving, muscular, tension and soothing away stress.

Herbal compress

90 minutes                         VND 550.000 

Hot Herbal copress promote relaxation while soothing aching muscle and siff joints. Herbal compress massage is known for healing body.

Bamboo rolling massage

90 minutes                         VND 550.000

Warm Bamboo stick rolling over your body muscles to create a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation.

Indian head massage

30 minutes                           VND 250.000

Open the flow of energy in the head and neck areas with acupressure technique. Using Pomelo Essential Oil leaves the hair with a nourished and healthy look.

Shiatsu Acupressure Point Massage

60 minutes                             VND 350.000

90 minutes                             VND 500.000

The traditional Japanese Acupressure Therapy applied to your scalp, face,back, arms and feet. The ideal treatment if you prefer strong force. Style – pyjamas are provided for this non – oil massage.

Traditional Vietnamese massage

60 minutes                             VND 350.000

90 minutes                             VND 450.000

Traditional designed to work with deep palm, elbow and thumbs technique for muscle pain relieve, improving blood circulation and releasing tention, clear energy blockages, harmonizing the body with Aroma Therapy Oil.

Thai Style

60 minutes                             VND 420.000

90 minutes                             VND 550.000

Pressure point and Stretching natural healthy therapy and open the flow of Energy in head to toes. Style – pyjamas are provided for this non – oil massage.

Foot reflexology

30 minutes                           VND 250.000

The benefits of reflexology to stimulate nerve function increase energy boosts circulation, eliminates toxins and induces a deep state of relaxation.